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Vennovate Labs is a team of engineers designing and manufacturing new products for introduction into the market through non-traditional methods such as crowdfunding through kickstarter.  Our background is designing and manufacturing components for the Automotive industry and we are utilizing this experience to develop a wide range of new products for introduction through crowdfunding platforms.  We have full service engineering and manufacturing capabilities such as:

  • 3D CAD systems using SolidWorks and Siemens NX

  • In-house 3D printing using our Conex Objet 260

  • Engineering Fabrication Center with CNC machining and full tool room

  • Manufacturing facilities with range of capabilities such as wiring harnesses, automated assembly, molding, welding…….

  • Mature supply base

In addition to our own products, Vennovate Labs has the goal of working with entrepreneurs and inventors that may have great product ideas but do not have the resources to bring them to market.  By using our background in automotive component design and manufacturing, coupled with our increasing experience in crowdfunding, our goal is to streamline the process and open up opportunities for those entrepreneurs and inventors who otherwise would never see their dream turn into reality.

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