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The path you make is the path they take.

Kitty Quest contains elements of classic board games but without the board.  Players use their imagination to create their own playing path and game scenarios for a unique playing experience each and every time.

Playing is as simple as 1-2-3.

Step 1.  Create a unique playing Path

Path cards are used to create a unique game path.  Cards do not have to remain on one surface.  LADDER or SLIDE path cards can be used to move up or down to different playing surfaces such as from a table to the floor.  CROSSROAD path cards can be used to create multiple game paths.  START card(s) are placed at beginning of path(s) and HOME card(s) are placed at end of path(s).

Step 2.  Add adventure with Events

Event cards are distributed to players and players take turns replacing path cards with event cards.  Players can vary the spacing and number of Event cards added to make the game easier or harder, etc.  Event cards such as KITNAPPED, BAD KITTY, GOOD KITTY, VINE SWING, FURBALL GAG, KIT-A-RANG….. offer unique actions such as:  Roll Again, Swap with another player, Return to Start, Move forward, Go Back…..

Step 3.  Go on a Quest to find Home

Players place their pawns on START and take turns rolling the die to follow the path for a unique adventure every time.  First player to get all their pawns HOME, wins.

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